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In this program you will learn to present Lunch and Learn content to people with different levels of experience, knowledge, and awareness about addiction and recovery-related topics. Stories are included in the presentation which represent the experiences of millions of people along with the life-changing potential of recovery.

During this 4-week series you will participate in Live Training meetings specifically covering the Addiction-Awareness Training. You will have homework assignments after these meetings surrounding your preparation and presentation of your very first Lunch and Learn! During your Live Training Meetings, you will have instruction, discussion, and will be provided with feedback and materials needed to make your Lunch and Learn presentation. Your last live training will cover specifically how to engage with your audience and create a safe environment where participants can have an honest conversation and positive experience. And finally, upon completing your live meeting training you will have 1 month to deliver your Lunch and Learn presentation to a live in-person or online audience.

Live meetings in Modules 1 & 7 are 2 hours in length. Live Meeting in Module 8 is 4 hours in length. Please be sure to clear space on your calendar to attend those sessions in full. Here is the course layout:

Week 1 – Module 1: Live Training – 2 hours
Week 2 – Modules 2-6: In Course Activity & Assignment. 5 Lunch & Learn Video Modules with reflection questions. Will take 60-90 minutes to complete. Take those same questions and run by a friend or colleague to get their feedback and be prepared to share at next live meeting.
Week 3 – Module 7: Live Training – 2 hours
Week 4 – Module 8: Live Training – 4 hours

At the conclusion of our Live Training segments, you will be required to present a Lunch and Learn presentation (either live or online) to a small business or community group. Delivering a presentation is required to earn your certification and is verified by having a participant in your group complete a feedback survey. You will want to begin thinking now about who you might present to, although instructions on setting this up will be given later in the training.

Live Meeting Instructions:

Please enter your First and Last name to your Zoom meeting profile before joining the meetings. Having your camera on is required for attendance and interaction purposes.

  • First Live Online meeting with Facilitator Isabelle Wettergren
    Tuesday July 13th 11am-1pm EST
  • Second Live Online meeting with Facilitator Isabelle Wettergren
    Tuesday July 27th 11am-1pm EST
  • Third Live Online meeting with Facilitator Jesse Harless
    Tuesday August 3rd 11am-3pm EST

Completion of this program and earning your credential will consist of:

  • Completing your In-Course Activity
  • Attending all Live Training Meetings for their entirety*
  • Making a Lunch and Learn presentation to a group of 3 or more people, verified by a completed lead participant survey.
  • Completing and passing a Final Quiz with a score of 70% or better.
  • Completing an End of Course Evaluation.

NOTE: All videos, links and downloads will be provided within each module of the course, and you will be able to advance to the next module only when you have completed all tasks in each module.

*Please be aware that attendance in all live meetings is mandatory to earn your credential. If a live meeting is missed, students will need to reschedule during the next available sessions offered. There will be a $35 rescheduling fee.

Top Ten Ways to Show Up to the Training

➉ Check your Tech. Join us a few minutes early for and check your tech while in the waiting room. You will have the option to check your audio settings – this is always a great idea, we want you to hear and be heard!

➈ Let the Light Pour In. If possible, set-up where you can have lots of natural light coming in and lighting your face. The light should not hit your back. Natural light is not only great for energy levels, but it’s also a great look!

➇ Raise your Camera. Do whatever it takes to position your camera at eye level. This means you might have to get creative! The best and only camera angle to strive for is head-on, so your camera is at the same level as your eyes.

➆ Find your best headphones. Your headphones will help to eliminate feedback from your computer speakers and they might even have a better mic than your computer. You can test your external mic vs. computer mic via a Zoom audio test.

➅ What to Bring. Grab your favorite pen, notepaper, and any snacks or hydration to keep you comfortable.

➄ What to NOT Bring. Eliminate as many potential distractions as possible. Find a comfortable and quiet place, turn your phone on silent, close all browsers tabs on your computer.

➃ Engage Mindfully. Keep yourself muted at appropriate times and be mindful of how “Chat” is being used—either as a tool or as a distraction. You will be able to submit questions directly via the Chat to the host/co-host so he can address them live during the event.

➂ Enjoy Yourself! When you show up as your best self, your positive attitude and energy will ripple through the group.

➁ Cameras On. This is an interactive event, so please show up camera-ready!

➀ Be Ready to Participate!