In what order do I take my courses?2020-05-27T14:31:31-04:00

Refer to the Program Sequence document on your program home page. In most cases your courses should be listed on the program homepage in order.

Where do I find course documents and downloads?2020-05-27T14:32:31-04:00

The main documents will usually be offered at the head of the course, and sometimes in a section called “course downloads”. They will also be offered throughout the course as needed so check each module for its downloads and worksheets.

How, and at what point in the training will I engage a practice client?2020-05-27T14:35:39-04:00

Detailed instructions are given on how to sign up your practice client at the end of CPC Module 1 Part 2. It is best to wait until at least that time in the program before recruiting a practice client so that you have had a chance to work through the worksheets for yourself and get a clear big picture of the process.

Is there a course exam for Life Coaching Essentials? If so, what will that look like?2020-05-27T14:36:28-04:00

Yes, there is a final exam. Students may prepare for their end of course exam by reviewing the sections in the Course Content Summary titled “Concepts for Review”. The exam has 12 essay style questions with a personal feedback section at the end. The exam is open book so you will be able to refer to your text. Please type up your answers on a separate sheet of paper and cut and paste them into the exam. This ensures your work is saved if the system should time out or you get disconnected for any reason.

How do I earn my CPC credential?2020-05-27T14:37:09-04:00

By completing all course modules, the written Envisioning Statement assignment, the end of course exam, taking your end of course survey and having your practice client take their survey. There is a checklist of items needed to issue your credential at the head of the course. This also includes having your program paid for in full and a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement on file.

I have completed my CPC program. When will I receive my credential?2020-05-27T14:38:30-04:00

Once you have completed your program our staff will review your course files and verify that all requirements including homework, exams and feedback surveys have been completed. We ask for your patience while our staff conducts an audit to make sure that all requirements have been documented on our end.  This process ensures the integrity of your credential.  Once the team verifies you have completed your program you will be provided with a digital copy of your credential. You will then be given the opportunity to purchase a hard copy, embossed certificate. Once purchased that will take 10 business to forward via the mailing address you have provided on your final surveys.

Do I need a formal practice client for the CPRC part of the training?2020-05-27T14:39:50-04:00

No, but you may want to review key exercises with a friend, family member or a practice client if you are comfortable walking a person through these exercises. It’s completely optional.

(Mandatory for the CPC / LCE)

Does the CPRC program have a final exam?2020-05-27T14:40:35-04:00

No, but each individual course module does have a pre-test and post-test. In the pre-test you are not expected to have the answers – it will merely give you an idea of the type of information that will be covered in the course. All test answers can be easily found in the study guides and other course content documents. The post-tests for these modules are 5-20 multiple choice or true false questions and are open book.

Is there a program transcript of all the video content?2020-05-27T14:41:15-04:00

Yes, each module will have either a course content summary, handbook or handout that details the material covered in each video.

When do I take the Live portion of the training and how do I prepare and sign up?2020-05-27T14:42:11-04:00

The best time to sign up for the Live Skills Practice group is after you have completed the PRC Comps modules in the training (these are Dynamics, Motivation, Right Thinking, Coaching Families and Ethical & Legal Issues). Our Live Skills Practice groups are offered 3 times per calendar year, so once you have completed those modules (or anticipate having them completed) you can sign up for a series that works with your schedule. Just click the Live Skills Sign-Up tab in the membership site to scroll down and select a series or email linda@netinstitute.org when you are ready.

I have completed my CPRC program. When will I receive my credential?2020-05-27T14:48:42-04:00

Once you have completed your program our staff will review your course files and verify that all requirements including homework, exams and feedback surveys have been completed. We ask for your patience while our staff conducts an audit to make sure that all requirements have been documented on our end.  This process ensures the integrity of your credential.  Once the team verifies you have completed your program you will be provided with a digital copy of your credential. If your program comes with a hard copy credential that will be mailed out within 10 business days.

When can I start the She Recovers Coach Designation portion of my training?2020-05-27T14:49:52-04:00

After you have completed your IAPRC Coaching programs and receive your e-copy certificate you will be contacted by a member of the She Recovers team. They have a separate learning management system to implement their portion of the training.

Will it matter that I live in a country other than the United States?2020-05-27T14:50:29-04:00

No, taking our program courses from outside the U.S. will pose no problem. We have coaching program graduates from 26 nations. We also offer Live Skills Practice groups at times that can accommodate international students.

How are CPRC program graduates employed upon receiving their credential?2020-05-27T14:51:22-04:00

In addition to providing Coaching services, they are leading groups, giving speeches, delivering presentations, writing, and publishing articles, blogs, and books, and delivering podcasts.  They are involved in advocacy, and support community groups and corporations in addition to individuals.  They do this work in person, and online.  Some register their businesses as ‘sole proprietorships’, others structure their businesses as ‘Limited Liability Corporations”…  they are self-employed and operate under the local requirements for sole proprietorship businesses of similar natures:  Life Coaches, Wellness / Health Coaches, Financial Coaches, Divorce Coaches, etc.  They are NOT counselors / therapists… they are professional coaches…  But you must do the research in your location to determine the requirements because they vary by location.

What other materials would I need? Books, laptop, etc.?2020-05-27T14:52:14-04:00

You do need a computer with internet connection (ideally high speed) that has the capacity to allow you to watch and listen to videos and video lectures online. The Live Skills class uses an application called Zoom.  Most students participate online using a webcam which allows them to see and be seen by the instructor and other students.  All other materials are provided through the Learning Management System in the form of .pdf documents that you can download, print, save on your computer.

You do not need to buy any other materials, they are all included in the course.

Is there any practical work or is it all online?2020-05-27T14:52:48-04:00

The programs include many activities, tools and a toolkit, and worksheets, supplemental resource materials and case studies, etc.  The Life Coaching course requires you to find a “Practice Client” and coach them for 6 sessions.  You will need to document the coaching experience as will your client also.  You will submit this documentation to us by uploading the required documentation to us online.  The course includes quizzes that are administered online (open book).

How is the CPRC recognized by ICF (International Coach Federation)?2020-05-27T14:53:39-04:00

We have developed our programs in a way that aligns with Professional Standards that are recognized by State, National or International governing bodies, so when we developed and launched our Certified Professional Recovery Coach (CPRC) program, we did so in accordance with ICF requirements.  For that reason, our CPRC program is recognized by ICF as a Coaching ‘specialty’ and qualifies for 40 hours of approved training by ICF.

The primary reason that ICF recognizes the CPRC program is because this program includes 12-weeks of Live Skills practice which we provide to our students online via weekly Zoom meetings, and which are facilitated by an ICF Certified Coach.  In addition to the 40 hours of approved training that students can receive after completing the CPRC program, they can also take an additional ‘optional’ 6-week Live Skills course that we offer based on the content of our Family Issues in Recovery Course.  The Family Issues course is also included in the CPRC course; however, the Live Skills Sessions for that course are optional and must be purchased separately.  After completing both the online and live portions of the Family Issues in Recovery course, our students will receive an additional 20 hours of ICF approved training.

All together, we are able to offer 60 hours of ICF approved training for Coaches based upon the content contained in our CPRC program.

How are ICF credit hours of benefit to me?2020-05-27T14:54:45-04:00

Students use the ICF credit that they receive from our program 2 ways.  1) if they are already an ICF credentialed coach (ACC, MCC, PCC) they can use our training which will count toward their Recertification of the ICF credential.  2) If they desire to pursue an ICF credential, then they can use our training to apply toward the credential through the Portfolio pathway  coachfederation.org/icf-credential/acc-paths .  If you click on the Portfolio Path tab, you will see the credential Requirements which include:

At least 60 hours of coach-specific training with robust documentation. You will be required to demonstrate that you have completed a comprehensive training program that includes the ICF definition of Coaching, Code of Ethics and Core Competencies, and is organized in a scope and sequence that encourages your growth as a coach.

As I mentioned above, our program can provide you with the 60 hours of approved training that you need.

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